“If you’re too serious to make life a l

“If you’re too serious to make life a laughing matter, then you seriously need to make laughter matter to you today and every day!”
― Jeannine M. Luby


Make Changes Not Resolutions!


The other day I discussed why so many New Year’s Resolutions tend to fail. My list included things like: resolutions are unrealistic, poorly planned, scattered and with little convictions behind them. Today I wanted to take a look at ways you can make positive life changes and not fall victim to the 92% of resolutions that fail.

Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, why not take the next couple of days and decide on some long lasting positive changes that you want to make in your life. Today I want to give you some tips on how to take those steps towards positive long term changes in your life.

1) Choose One – I often talk to people who have a lot of things they want to change and go out and try to change them all and then get so overwhelmed they just quit. Instead of making a lot of big changes, choose just one. What I have found is that when you choose just one and are successful in it, you are encouraged to continue to make more changes. Success breeds success!

o-2015-RESOLUTIONS-facebook2) Life is Journey, So Is Change – I always say Life is a journey, not a destination. That is also true for making changes. People often look at change as a quick fix, so when things don’t work out the way they want; they get frustrated and give up. If you look at change as a journey that is going to take a while and is ongoing, when you have a bad day you can just easily move on without putting on a lot of blame or shame.

3) Plan – One of the problems with New Year’s Resolutions is that people go into them without a plan. To make changes in your life be long lasting it is important to take the time to make a plan and follow it. You wouldn’t go on a 3 week vacation without a plan, so why would you not make a plan for something that will last a life time? Grab some time, some paper, a calendar and make a plan.

Depositphotos_59010877_m-300x2254) Break It Up – Why put the pressure on yourself with big numbers or big change. Instead of looking at the big things, break it up into smaller, achievable steps. If you want to run a marathon but you haven’t run before you certainly won’t go out and do 26.2 miles today. But if you break it down into small achievable steps you can work your want into success.

5) Talk About It – When you decide to make a change make sure that you tell someone or a group of someone’s. Accountability is a wonderful thing and sometimes just knowing that someone is watching is enough to help you keep on track to success.

6) Reward Yourself – You should have moments to celebrate and reward your success. Plan times along your journey to reward yourself. Now don’t go crazy!!! Choose an appropriate reward for your success. Buy yourself something, enjoy a drink or have a small sweet, anything that will help you celebrate your achievement. Reward yourself, you deserve it.

resol7) You Can’t Fail – I get so annoyed when people tell me that they have failed at making a change and have given up. We tend to look at times when we aren’t following our plan as failures and failure is a four letter word. Instead of looking at it as a failure, realize (and this is true) that it isn’t a failure, just not your best day and tomorrow is another day. If you stop beating yourself about the things you didn’t do today, just refocus and regroup and face tomorrow resolved to continue along the path. You can’t fail if you keep moving forward. Moving forward itself is success.

As you can see there are many things that can help you forget the idea of New Year’s Resolutions and instead helps you make long lasting changes in your life. Don’t make resolutions, make changes! These tips are designed to help you be successful in the changes you wish to make and can be a guide throughout the year as you continue to move forward. Take some time today and decide what changes you want to make and let’s get started. Remember that every journey begins with a step. Today is the first step in a life changing journey. Have a great day today and don’t forget: Life is a journey, not a destination!

If you need help, a life coach can help you create a plan to let go and move forward. Whether you are local or on the other side of the world I am here to help. If you need a life coach, please do not hesitate to contact me at StephenLifeCoach@gmail.com.

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How’s That New Years Resolution Going?

2011-year-resolution-400x400So you are less than a month into the New Year and you may have already given up on that resolution that you committed to on New Year’s Eve. You are not alone. According to research, 50% of us made a New Year’s Resolution and only 8% of them will be successful. I have to wonder why each year we all commit to make changes in our lives, but only a very small percentage actually stick. Today we are going to look at the reasons why New Year’s Resolutions tend to fail and later in the week we look at resolutions that can help you make positive life changes throughout 2015. Some of the reasons resolutions fail are:

new-year-resolution1) Resolutions That Are Unrealistic – The clock strikes midnight and you decide that in the coming year you are going be president of the company you are currently working for, even though you are 6,459 person in the companies succession plan. It is not a bad thing to have a large goal that you can attain someday, but many people are unrealistic about what they can actually achieve in 365 days.

2) Poor Planning – You decide that you are going to lose 30 lbs in the next 6 months. Great! That may well be a realistic goal for you. However, many people do not make the plans ahead of time that will help make them be successful. For instance, you want to lose that weight but you decide that you will finish up all of the sweets that you have been accumulating in the house for the past couple of months. Two months later you have consumed a lot of sweets and your resolve is long gone. Poor planning for resolutions tend to be the one of the main reasons people fail to achieve their success.

AchieveNewYearsResolutions3) Too Many Resolutions – I always find it interesting when someone rattles off a list of resolutions for the year as if they are easily checked off one by one. People often fail at keeping their resolutions because there are so many on their list that it makes focusing on any of them impossible.

nyears resolution4) No Conviction – Many times people get wrapped up in a feeling or an emotion that makes them decide to make a change in their life. They have thought for a long time that maybe they should quit smoking and they have been putting it off and putting it off and New Year’s seems like the perfect time to begin, so they jump right in. Two weeks later they are back smoking up a storm. The problem is that many people really are not convicted to take the steps necessary to make the change. And because they aren’t convicted, when the process of change gets difficult, they easily give up.

5) It’s Magic – People expect by making a change in their lives things will magically change. I am not just talking the resolution, but everything in their lives will magically change. I remember when I started running to help lose some weight. I would go out and hit the trail expecting that within a couple of weeks I would be a lot thinner and a lot faster. Neither of those things materialized quickly. We often want a quick fix to the problems in our lives and we often look at New Year’s Resolutions as a magical cure for all our ills.

new-years-resolution 2As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why people fail at realizing their New Year’s Resolutions. Personally, I am not a big fan of resolutions. Because they are often made without much forethought or planning, I find them to be more defeating than helpful when people want to make changes in their lives. Later this week I will outline a plan to help you make positive, lasting changes in your life. We will look at ways to help you be successful and avoid the pitfalls that resolutions often bring. I look forward to journeying with you into 2015 and making it your best year yet! Have a great day and don’t forget: Life is a journey, not a destination!

If you need help, a life coach can help you create a plan to let go and move forward. Whether you are local or on the other side of the world I am here to help. If you need a life coach, please do not hesitate to contact me at StephenLifeCoach@gmail.com.

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