Countdown Day 4!

christmas money saving

Or 32 days in your counting backwards…

christmas-saving-tipsThis week we are going to be focusing on money.   You know cash, credit cards, $, yen, pounds.  Specifically we are going to be talking about saving money during the holidays and some tips of how to set yourself up for financial success in 2016.  Today let’s look at some quick tips to saving some money on your holiday gift buying.


  • christmas moneyUse cash! – It is easy to spend money when using plastic.  Cash keeps you on budget
  • Use a list – Most people get in trouble because they don’t take the time to put together a list
  • Buy bulk – Many restaurants give discounts for buying gift cards in bulk.
  • Use social media – Most stores offer extra discounts when you follow them or use their app

These are just a few tips to help make the holidays enjoyable without breaking your bank.  Come back tomorrow as we continue talking about money.   Have a great day and don’t forget: Life is a journey, not a destination!

Life Coach


Countdown Day 3!

Or 32 days if your counting backward…

NO Its OK to Say No – I know that society tells us that we should be able to do it all. But the reality is you can only do so much. So as the invitations pile up and the opportunities present themselves, it is ok to say no to some of the things going on. I spoke to a friend recently who shared that on an upcoming weekend night they had been invited to 4 different things. They were pretty stressed on how to make it all work. Instead of taking that route, take a moment and prioritize the things you are being invited to and decide which ones you can skip. A good alternative when you are unable to attend an event is to make future plans with the host for a quiet lunch or dinner. You will have relieved the stress of overbooking yourself and you can look forward to a more intimate get together down the road.   It’s ok to say no.

Countdown Day 2!

making memories

Or 33 Days if your counting backwards.   Today I want to talk about one of the most important part of the holiday season…that is memories.

Its About The Memories – We all love to get things. I know I do, but at the end of the day 90% of everything you will end up getting will be forgotten within a couple of months. There are exceptions to that, like if you get engaged, but for the most part the “things” will fade away. So this year instead of worrying about things, the most important thing you can do is to help create memories. My children are all adults now, but they have very clear memories of the holidays from Halloween to Christmas, not because of what they got, but because of the traditions we created as a family. For instance, my parents live in a retirement community. When my kids were small there were the ONLY trick or treaters that came around, so they got pretty spoiled. Every Christmas the residents in my parents community would also buy them Christmas presents.  The great thing is my kids have great memories of that, but it brought such joy to the residents in the community who became surrogate grandparents to them.    Remember…it’s about the memories.

Do you have a place in your life that you are able to create memories?   Here are some that I love:

  • making-christmas-cards-materials-2Have your family make homemade ornaments for your tree
  • Bake cookies together and share family recipes
  • Make a meal for someone who is alone
  • Make handmade cards to take to neighbors…even if you don’t know them
  • Make a bonfire and make S’mores.

Before you go, try to remember through the years and see how many gifts you can remember receiving.   My guess is that most gifts are hard to remember but you probably have strong memories of a family celebration/tradition.     Now go out and make your own.   Have a great day and don’t forget: Life is a journey, not a destination!

Life Coach

Countdown Day 1


Or 34 days until the end of the year if your counting backwards.    Today we begin the final several weeks of 2015.   As I said on Wednesday, my plan is to share a quick tip, idea or thought on how to make the end of the year a lot less stressful and more enjoyable.

black-fridayI am sure that you have seen the news stories of people camping outside of stores or the mad dash into stores to grab that cheap item.  It happens every year even though consumer experts tell us that Black Friday may not be the cheapest shopping day of the year.   Be that as it may…today I want us to focus on…contentment.   Instead of buying into the consumerism of the season why not take a few moments and be thankful and content for the things we have and not get caught up in the hype of the season.   This hit home for me earlier in the year when we had to place my dad in a nursing home.  Part of that process included cleaning out his house.   He was not a hoarder by any means but it was obvious that he (like most of us) had a lot of things.   When I returned home I looked around my own house and thought “I have ALOT of stuff!”  So today:

  • declutterStand in a posture of contentment of the things you have
  • De-clutter some area of your life (a desk or that place you drop things when you walk in is a great start)
  • Look around and get rid of things you haven’t touched in a year
  • Have a garage sale and give the proceeds to your favorite charity
  • Keep your car parked and go for a walk
  • Write a note of thanks to someone for being a great friend

All of these things will help you walk towards 2016 in health and wholeness.   Have a great day and don’t forget: Life is a journey, not a destination!

Life Coach