Labor Day – Great Weekend to Make A Plan!

Labor Day

In 1894 Labor Day became an official federal holiday to honor the American laborer and the hard work that has made America great.   For many of us the importance of Labor Day is that it signals the end of summer.  I find we tend to mark our lives in sections divided by major holidays.   So as we move into the Labor Day holiday weekend and look towards the fall I thought today would be a great time to give some tips on how to make a plan for the final quarter of 2016.

  1. Plan 2List out the Important Things that are coming up this fall – Stress often comes from the lack of having a plan so as you look towards the fall it is important to list out major things coming up such as the beginning of school, sports, holidays, work related projects, etc.   Make the list as extensive as possible and then prioritize them.
  2. Divvy Up Responsibility –  A successful team know what each persons role is and how they carry that role out.   that is also true in relationships.  After you make a list it is time to discuss who is responsible for each thing.   Sometimes it may be one person, sometimes it may be both partners and sometimes it may be the entire family.  Know who is responsible helps take the guess work out of things.
  3. Got-a-PlanBe Honest – One of the problems that couple make is not being honest about their feelings about things.  Sometimes that happens from fear of hurting the other persons feelings and sometimes it comes because the person is trying to be a team player.  In my experience people run into problems when they are not honest about their feelings.  For instance: the topic of cleaning out the attic this weekend up comes up and that is the last thing you want to do over the holiday…be honest about that.
  4. Negotiate – No one can get everything they want all the time.  Being able to negotiate about the plan is an important part of a successful plan.   So if you don’t want to clean out the attic this weekend?  Be prepared with your calendar to make suggestions about a day to do it that you can both agree to.
  5. Enjoy – The beauty of a holiday off together is to enjoy each others company.   So plan to spend part of this weekend enjoying being together.

This weekend is a great time to spend an hour or two to create a plan on how to successfully navigate through the fall.  Have a safe weekend and don’t forget to have some fun!

Life is a journey, not a destination!

StephenStephen Halpin has been using his skills as a couples coach for many years and has been in private practice for the past three years.   He is available for one on one or couples sessions.   He is also available to come to your organization and talk about such topics as Tough Conversations, Creating a Vision and Creating a Life of Wholeness.  For more information you can contact Stephen at:

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